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FOUNDERS CITY CEMETERY Houston,Texas By George Wolf Jr./2000

First city cemetery for Houston,Texas. 1837-1908, 2 acres, 78 graves. Located at 1217 West Dallas at Valentine St. in the middle of the 4th ward. "Near the entrance stood a hanging tree."


APATHY PLAGUES EARLY CEMETERY by Gene Whalen, Chronicle Staff/1960?

One of Houston's oldest cemeteries ---dedicated to the city as a memorial park for early pioneers---is suffering not from neglect, but from indifference.


This a partial list taken from photos back in April 6,1984.By G.E.W.Jr.

A.M. Clopper Born in PA 1791 Died Sept. 1853

Fred W. Ebert Prussia Died Aug. 7,1862 Aged 23 years, 5 mos., 22 days

Theo Morris Died Nov. 3rd 1855 age 24

G.A. Morris Died Sept. 12 !853 age 22

S.B. Morris Died Nov. 20 1853 age 25

John W. Eldredge Died Feb. 26,1840 age 23 years

Mary Catherine Wilson Born Feb. 8,1835 Died Oct. 8,1869 Also her infant Born Oct. 7,1869 Died Oct. 27,1869

Andrew Hewat Died Sept. 19,1867 age 38 (Houston City Directory for 1866, Andrew Hewitt (Hewat), book-keeper for General R.R. Office.)

Sophia E. Brock Died June 14,1887 age 47

Andrew M. Robinson Died Jan. 20,1851 age 62

(Wife) Eunice W. Robinson Died Nov. 3,1859 age 63

???ozrah Conn Died Mar. 1,1846 age 34

Salome Metcale Died June 14,1851 age 83

Catharine Adelia (Wife of A. Adolf) and daughter of G.S.&Z.M.Kelly Died Jan. 10,1866 age 31

Lawrence Kaufhold Born Dec. 23,1815 Died Oct. 20,1892 age 77 (Houston City Directory for 1866, L. Kaufhold, Carpenter, Chene-vert betw Dallas and Polk sts.)

Dora Kaufhold Born Jan. 19,1818 Died Jan. 19,1866 age 48



JOHN CHEEVERS Came to Texas in 1829 Died in Houston in 1846 Participated in the Battle of San Jacinto as a member of Captain Thomas M. McIntire's company.

ELI NOLAND In Captain William L. Fisher's company at San Jacinto Born in Ohio in 1804 Died in Houston Dec. 17,1841

JACOB MAYBEE Came to Texas in 1835 A member of Captain William L. Fisher's company Died in Houston Feb. 8,1838

JOHN KIRBY ALLEN Born in Canasareaugh,New York 1810-came to Texas in 1832 Died in Houston Aug. 18,1838 Founder of Houston,Texas