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OLD GENOA CEMETERY By George E. Wolf Jr./1985-2001

Old Genoa Cemetery (Now called Forest Lawn Cem. #106, located at 8701 Almeda-Genoa Road. Ca. 1894. These listings are from the old section, dating back to the 1890's.


C.R. Adams b July 24,1870 d Apr. 25,1904

Albert M. Akin b Mar. 11,1853, Richmond, VA. d June 2,1912

Lydia G. Akin b Mar. 21,1867 d Jan. 8.1929

Altha Anthony b Nov. 10,1918 d Sept. 25,1919 Lansing M. Anthony d Sept. 29,1918 Texas Pvt. 10 Depot-Battalion

Lois M. Anthony b June 11,1877 d Mar. 25,1956

Margaret E. Anthony b Sept. 11,1892 d July 19,1908

Wm. Henry Anthony b Sept. 12,1858 d Oct. 24,1895

Ann E. Anthony b Sept. 22,1898 d Sept. 25,1898

Gay C. Asburn b 1899 d 1933

J.T. Asburn b 1894 d 1932

Pablo Barrow d Oct. 2,1855 ? Date may be wrong....GEW

Z.M. Brand b June 13,1860 d June 21,1944

Thomas Carter b Dec. 26,1854 d Oct. 21,1923

Laura M. Cooksey b Jan. 3,1880 d July 21,1933

W.D. Cooksey b June 27,1867 d Feb. 11,1930

Lilly Pearl Crenshaw b Jan. 31,1884 d Sept. 9,1895

N.S. Crenshaw b Apr. 9,1854 d Dec. 15,1939

Sarah Emma Crenshaw b Jan. 25,1856 d Mar. 22,1923