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GILBERT McARTHUR GRAVESITE Located beside the Southern Pacific R.R. tracks along Hempstead Highway, three miles west of Fairbanks. Gilbert was murdered for his gold and his throat cut and was left to die. From the Houston Chronicle, Dec. 9,1962, by Bill Porterfield.


Gilbert Son of Donald McArthur A Native of the Island of Isley, Scotland Died Jan. 25,1876 Aged 40 years


Located on the San Jacinto Battle Grounds,Deer Park,Texas, just south of the reflection pool. 1890-1978. The Brashear family sold land to Conrad Habermehl in 1860 (Deed Records, vol. w, p. 567). The Habermehls built a two-story home on their property, close to the location of the present day monument. The group of trees about two hundred yards to the northwest of the monument still surrounds the graves of the Habermehl kin and friend's. Near the graves there was once a stable and dairy shed. The State of Texas condemned the Habermehl land so it could be part of the State Park. (History of the McCormick League and Areas Adjoining the San Jacinto Battle Ground by Robert Cartier and Frank Hole, Part 1, 1972)


Mary HABERMEHL Born Oct. 19,1849 Died Dec. 27,1927

Base, unknown?

Rosena HABERMEHL Born May 24,1811 Died Jan. 5,1891

M.T. HABERMEHL Born Nov. 13,1841 Died Dec. 23,1898

Vernon HABERMEHL Born July 17,1891 Died Sept. 21,1897

Rosa HABERMEHL Born Mar. 2,1879 Died Sept. 12,1895

Caroline HABERMEHL Born June 10,1839 Died Oct. 2,1890

J.C. HABERMEHL Born Feb. 10,1870 Died Feb. 3,1911

Wilhelmina MORRIS Born July 13,1845 Died July 7,1925

Henry W. MORRIS Born Dec. 18,1884 Drowned Jan. 13,1920

Ruth Bell STEWART Born Oct. 24,1929 Died Oct. 10,1953

Olive C. TOOMEY Born Mar. 11,1895 Died Apr. 27,1965

Corrine BALDWIN Born Feb. 5,1914 Died Apr. 25,1973

W.L. REEVES Born Feb. 18,1861 Died Oct. 18,1918

Annie REEVES Born Aug. 11,1875 Died Dec. 18,1944

B.W. REED Born Feb. 18,1849 Died Apr. 1,1936

Emersone MORSE Born 1865 Died 1943

Everett L. REED Born 1881 Died 1946

Annie REED Born 1889 Died 1959

James REED Born Apr. 23,1879 Died July 30,1954

Lillie May REEVES Born 1903 Died 1966

Louis Victor REEVES Born 1893 Died 1978

Raymond R. REEVES Born 1898 Died 1952

Arthur Bailey BARKER Born Dec. 2,1886 Died Oct. 15,1954

William L. SHUTTLEWORTH Born Nov. 19,1925 Died Nov. 5,1971

John SCHARFENBERG Born 1868 Died 1945

Edwin BOND Born Feb. 12,1911 Died Oct. 22,1957

Marjorie Louise BOND Born July 21,1914 Died Jan. 21,1975


The mid-1840's brought German immigrant Carl Wunsche from Saxony to Spring,Texas which started around 1838. Farmer's brought their cotton to Charles Wunsche's gin near town. Charles and Dell Wunsche built the WUNSCHE BRO'S SALOON and HOTEL in 1902, with lumber from their own sawmill. Their brother William Wunsche, Sr., Ralph Hanks and Voress Bonin constructed it. Two stories high it stands today as the Spring Cafe. Spring's legacy from the Wunsche family include Wunsche Middle School, built on land donated by the family. A less conspicuous landmark, a very special plot of ground on a tiny knoll in front of the Spring High School and beside I-45 is the Wunsche Family Cemetery.


Ernest W. Wunsche Geb Feb. 12,1863 Gest Sept. 15,1886

Friedrich August Wunsche Geb July 20,1837 Gest May 3,1897

Anna M. Wuensche Born May 23,1838 Died May 16,1923

Augustine W. Wuensche Born Dec. 9,1861 Died July 8,1947

Otto H. Wuensche Born Sept. 4,1874 Died Sept. 21,1937

Juliane O. Wuensche Born 1876 Died 1959

Four above ground false crypts, broken in pieces, unreadable.

Emma Wunsche Born Nov. 18,1871 Died Feb. 24,1920

Olena A. Wunsche Born July 16,1908 Died May 6,1929

Frank O. Wunsche Born Oct. 4,1866 Died June 14,1934

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Wunsche Aug. 28,1941

Jacob Kuhnle Born Feb. 16,1861 Died Feb. 4,1949

Margarethe Sophie Kuhnle Born Sept. 15,1864 Died Apr. 14,1936


(Notes) Compiled July 7,1985

Different spellings of Wunsche/Wuensche on stones. Geb-Born, Gest-Died. GEW Jr.


Located north of I-10 off of Maxey road, right on Church Rd., cemetery is on left near the woods and is a small cemetery in disrepair. High grass and piles of dirt and cement cover the grounds. Black cemetery.

Compiled on Mar. 13,1985.


Sam Spurlock Texas, Pvt. 410 Res. Labor Bn. Died April 2,1939

Broken stone, no name or dates.

Several unknown graves.

Mary Calloway Age 87, no dates

Floyd Anthony Nelloms Born Dec. 8,1965 Died July 6,1983 Age 17, metal funeral marker.


The Dagg cemetery is located in southern Harris County, off of Dagg Road next to Adair Park. Cemetery is on right surrounded with a chain link fence. Originally part of the 80 acres owned by Garrett Dagg from the late 1800's.


Matthew Burrough b 5-27-1885 d 12-23-1976 age 91

Foot Stone only (V.M.)

Horatio D. Perry b 1826 d 1901

Harriet A. Schmidt b Jan. 21,1857 b May 20,1910 Schmidt Co. B 1 Texas HV Arty C.S.A.

Herbert Schmidt Texas Pvt 131 Field Art 36 Dim d June 2,1952

Dan H.W. Triplett b May 9,1894 d Nov. 17,1924

Jesse M. Perry b May 18,1863 d Dec. 13,1938

Maggie H. Perry b June 22,1862 d July 18,1944

Ernest Garrett Spears WTS U.S. Coast Guard WWII b 1923 d 1977

Doris Ethel Clark b Nov. 13,1921 b July 19,1939

James P. Singletary PVT U.S. Army WWI b May 30,1895 d Aug. 5,1971

Coleman Weast Wood Texas SFC III Field Sig BN WWI b 1877 d 1956

Robert Wood b Nov. 6,1895 d Sept. 25,1954

Frank Carlton Wood Texas U.S. Navy b Dec. 1,1919 d Apr. 30,1972

Sylvia Ann Gilmore b Sept. 24,1941 d Oct. 21,1970

Luna Tyler Borrough b Oct. 3,1887 d Aug. 12,1971

Eunice Borrough Lee b Sept. 29,1905 d July 4,1973

Garrett Wilborn Dagg, Sr. b Sept. 25,1856 d Oct. 19,1922

Elizabeth Ham Dagg b Jan. 12,1866 d Feb. 22,1928

Fannie Dagg Fowler b June 20,1882 d Mar. 22,1935

Lee M. Dagg b May 4,1885 d Jan. 11,1903

Rosa Dagg Spears b Mar. 16,1888 d Jan. 3,1954

Garrett Dagg, Jr. b Sept. 24,1890 d Dec. 31,1912

Maggie Jane Dagg Starkey b Dec. 19,1892 d Dec. 14,1966

Joe Bingham Dagg b Feb. 14,1895 d Oct. 29,1945

Samuel M. Dagg b Sept. 16,1897 d Aug. 30,1900

Peter Johnson Dagg b Nov. 22,1900 d Jan. 10,1941

Lewis Simon Dagg b Apr. 11,1903 d Apr. 9,1970

Gus Thomas Dagg b Aug. 13,1906 d Sept. 9,1948

Wallace Dagg b Aug. 24,1912 d Aug. 8,1920

William Dagg b 1860 d 1933

A large DAGG tombstone.


WAS located at the end of Crow Road off of Mapleton Drive by Burnet Bay in Baytown. Part of the old Wooster community (town site). All thats left of Wooster is the Wooster School House in Baytown. Town of Wooster was laid out in 1892.

First burial in cemetery was in 1894 of Martin E. Wooster. In the late 1980's nothing was left of the cemetery. Subsidence had destroyed this cemetery. Several coffin handles have been found on the shoreline and at low tide the remains of a cement crypt could be seen.


Martin Elmar Wooster b Feb. 11,1884 d Oct. 8,1894

Catharine Morine Monroe Wooster b July 1,1839 d Nov. 14,1900 Moved to Cedar Crest Cemetery

Dora Evabell Wooster Richmond b Apr. 14,1878 d July 22,1906

Q. A. Wooster b Sept. 4,1839 d Feb. 21,1908 Moved to Cedar Crest Cemetery

Ray Wooster b Jan. 22,1904 d Aug. 27,1960

John Henry Wooster b Dec. 15,1941 d Apr. 18,1962

Edna Sjolander d 1969

Unknown ("My Father")

Several unmarked graves.

Several graves were moved to Whites Cemetery in Highlands,Texas, as well as Cedar Crest Cemetery in Baytown,Texas.